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first place

The Last Story

Furqan Jabbar, Rusmin, Slamet Mujiono, Kumbalesata, Stephen Kok & Bruno Chiroleu


Amir Hamza and Amar come upon an ancient relic that takes them to the dark realm of
Zulmat … there, they confront an ancient evil that is very different from what it seems.

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Second Place

System of Discord


Jethro M. Joquiño


In the near future human technology has greatly advanced, seemingly bringing peace and abundance … yet something seems awry. Amir Hamza and Princess Zoon investigate.

Jethro M. Joquiño Cover.jpg

Third Place

The Mirror of the Desert City


Rapha Pinheiro, P.R. Soliver, Rafael Barbosa, Renan Lino & Eduardo Prota


In the Moroccan Desert, Amir Hamza and Amar arrive at a city strangely devoid of men.

At a welcome party, thrown by the local Pasha, they discover the horrible truth.


fourth place

Hands in the Shadows


Gibbson Berbigal


Amir Hamza and the team travel back in time, to ancient Egypt, and investigate an unsolved mystery … the truth they uncover alters history as they know it.

COVER PAGE_edited.jpg

Fifth place

Perchance to Dream

Abiral Kumar & Mainak Mitra


Amir Hamza finds himself in a dreamlike realm, struggling to make sense of the foes he

encounters and their inexplicable actions … is any of it real?

Hamzanama Perchance to dream - Final.png

 Honorable Mention

Evil Within


Gustavo Soria


Amir Hamza and Amar team up with a superhero duo to find a way to defeat

a mysterious villain.

Hamzanama-Evil Within Cover.png

 Honorable Mention

When Shoguns Cry


Amani Faqihah Binti Azlan


A young prince summons Amir Hamza and together they begin fulfilling a list of joyful

tasks … until the very last one, which contains a shocking revelation. 

Shogun - Cover.PNG

 Honorable Mention

The Present


Mike Adrian Estolas


While visiting his grandfather’s house, Amir Hamza suddenly time travels to an eerie

war zone … there  he makes a new friend.

Cover Page - The Present by Mike Estolas.png

 Honorable Mention

My Saviour




Amir Hamza intervenes when a bullied young boy is about to make a terrible decision. 


 Honorable Mention

Amira Hamida & the Meccan Stone


Zainab Alshobbar & Ali Alshobbar


An eccentric scientist uses the Makkan Stone to send his daughter into the past. A freak

accident, however, has her ending up in a totally different epoch than intended. 

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 Honorable Mention



Mahendra Iik


What begins as a pleasant day in the park for Amir Hamza, Princess Zoon and Amar

quickly turns into a heated battle when an old foe shows up. 

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