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Hamzanama 2024 Comic contest

In memory of Hamza Al Barzinji (1996-2016), The Hamzanama Comic Contest brings together his passion for comics and the centuries-old classic Hamzanama tradition. 


A one of a kind competition that celebrates a centuries-old tradition while creating a brand new one, the Hamzanama Superhero Comic Contest collects diverse stories of heroism told in comic book form. The original Hamzanama was an epic tale that spanned numerous volumes in the life of Amir Hamza, a hero who fought for the downtrodden of all kinds. 



  • Step 1: Read The Infinite Adventures of Hamza and Princess Zoon of the Moon origin stories. Then peruse the winning entries from the Hamzanama 2020 Comic Contest and the  Hamzanama 2022 Comic Contest.

  • Step 2: Create a complete original comic book story, up to 20 pages (recommended length), that uses both text and images to tell the next chapter of Amir Hamza’s adventures as he uses his wit, heart, and strengths of all kinds to overcome adversity. Do note:

    • Your entry must have Amir Hamza as the Hero (he is the only required character as the Hamzanama is a chronicle of his heroic adventures and deeds).

    • You may use any additional characters/villains you want (you can use some of the ones we provided in the origin story (see descriptions), or create your own. You may not use characters copyrighted by others.

    • You can depict Amir Hamza in any form you wish (old, young, man, woman, etc.). Keep in mind his unique Makkan Stone gives him the power to appear anywhere at any point in history (or the future). He also has the "super-power" of projecting serenity; calms every creature within vicinity and immerses them in a state of total peace  (eliminates fear, anxiety, anger, agitation, ill-will, etc). There are endless possibilities for your own story, the only requirement is that your story includes a truly heroic act.
    • You may use any visual art/comic style you prefer (classic, webcomic, manga, miniature, etc.), digital or hand-drawn as long as you tell a complete story. 
    • You may submit either as individuals or as a team with complementary artistic skills (writers and illustrators). 

    • Check out the Classic Hamzanama as well as additional backstory details from the Origin Stories. These can serve as helpful references and sources of inspiration, but there’s no pressure to use them in your own work. You may also choose to retell some of the Classic Hamzanama tales in a contemporary setting, using contemporary artistic techniques. 
  • Step 3: Between March 1st and October 31st, 2024, use our online submission system to upload your completed comic book story. You may upload your complete submission in one file or as individual pages. Please make sure all files are labeled clearly with your name and page number (if applicable). Please use the maximum resolution possible within the 15 MB constraint on file size. Acceptable formats include JPEG, TIFF and PNG. If you have extenuating circumstances, you may request an extension of the deadline by emailing us at

  • Step 4: Pay the US$ 5.00 fee for each entry you submit to the Hamzanama Comic Contest. You may enter as many times as you want, however each entry will require an additional fee. Entry fees are non-refundable and are used towards the administration of the contest (the Barzinji Prize Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization). However, we do not want the entry fee to be a barrier to anyone's participation. If you are unable to pay the fee, you can email us directly when your submission is ready and we'll be happy to waive it for you. Our email is

  • Step 5: All submissions received by 11:59 PM, October 31st, 2024 (GMT) will be reviewed by a panel of judges. Winning entries will be announced in December 2024 and awarded the following cash prizes: 

First Place: $5,000

Second Place: $2,500

Third Place: $1,250

Fourth Place: $750

Fifth Place: $500

Five Honorable Mentions: $250 Each

All 10 winning submissions will be published in the next volume of the "Infinite Adventures of Hamza"  anthology (both online and in print form).

Additional rules:

  • All submissions must be original unpublished works and you must own all rights to the art and story (you may not include any characters that are copyrighted elsewhere).

  • It is preferable that your dialogue be in English, however if you wish to use your native language we will translate your submission for the judges.

  • Your submission should be targeted for audiences of all ages. The following depictions are discouraged: Glamorization of smoking, drug & alcohol use, excessive blood & gore, nudity, sexual acts and profanity.

  • To ensure blind judging, please make sure no indication is made within the body of the work as to who the author(s)/artist(s) are.

  • The Barzinji Prize Foundation may publish your submission in full and/or use elements from your submission across media platforms (including print and online). Beyond this, you retain full rights to your work.

  • Minors must apply with the consent of their parent or guardian.

If you have any questions about the process or guidelines, please email us:

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