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CHaracters & Artifacts


Amir Hamza (Hamza)

Adventurer and Hero

Late Middle age, tall and muscular, rugged and well travelled in his appearance, dressed in elegant but unpretentious robes of the period (similar to Jedi master robes but without the hood). Demeanor is always serene, soft-spoken, weighs his words and speaks sparingly. Is not prone to outbursts or impulsive reactions (no reactions of surprise, exclamation, fear, giddy joy). Always in charge of his circumstances, center of people’s attention and awe, wise, kind and respectful with a wry sense of humor (can use Obi-Wan from Episode 4 as template). Does not carry any weapons except for his multi-purpose bow staff and at most is adorned with a simple amulet (The Makkan Stone) around his neck that is usually buried under his shirt. His super-power, projecting Serenity; calms every creature and immerses them in a state of total peace and serenity - eliminates fear, anxiety, anger, agitation, ill-will etc… for as long as the power is being projected by Hamza (this is not mind-control as Hamza will not be able to influence their actions. Nor can he read thoughts beyond his regular heightened intuition which alerts him to ill-intent or good-will as the case may be). His weaknesses include being susceptible to material harm or imprisonment if inflicted by non-living creatures or remotely (as his power of force serenity would be ineffectual). Additionally, if he is separated from The Makkan Stone, he is trapped in the time/place he’s in.  

Amar Ayyar (Amar)

Jinn and Sidekick to Amir Hamza

Amar Ayyar.jpg

Loyal friend of Amir Hamza and ingenious trickster. Amar is a jinn that can take many forms. In his/her human form, Ammar has the appearance/demeanor of a fun-loving, care-free (and at times insolent)  adolescent trickster (aged 16-17 years) often dressed in flamboyant robes with a tousled/unkempt look. Whatever form he/she manifests itself in, his/her eyes are always sparkling bright turquoise in color and there is a tell-tale silver crescent ear-ring in his/her right ear. Always carries a small red leather shoulder bag named Zanbeel which is magical. Ammar puts his hand inside of it and the objects he needs at that moment appear. Extremely loyal to Hamza, however good-intentions sometimes lead to difficult situations. 


Emperor Akbar (Emperor)

Reigning Monarch of the Mughal Empire

Middle aged, wise and at times melancholic. Not pretentious, genuine in his desire to serve and protect his people and the faith. Willing to listen and consider wisdom of others but decisive and forceful when his mind is made up. Dressed in impeccable Mughal regalia with imperial ring. Akbar reigned from 1556 to 1605 CE.


Buzurjmehr (Buzur)

Sufi Mystic and Grand-Vizier of Emperor Akbar

Merlin-like clairvoyant and guide to Amir Hamza. Elder Nubian (Morgan Freeman character in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves) Member of the mystical “Sufi Order of the Stone”. Wise and mysterious Grand-Vizier of Emperor Akbar. Self-assured but humble in demeanor and does not speak unnecessarily. Attired in somber elegance with esoteric Arabic letters embroidered into his robes. 

Princess Zoon.jpg

Princess Mehr-Zoon (Zoon or MZ)

Captain of Emperor Akbar’s Imperial Guard

Daughter of the Mughal Emperor Naushervan. Twenty-something, agile, witty, intrepid, indomitable, master of martial arts and weapons and budding poetess. Occasional companion and “side-kick” to Hamza and Amar on their quests. Always taking jabs at Amar. Dressed in practical elegance, in formal occasions or when travelling her hair and face is partially covered with a long light dupatta-type wrap. She is modestly dressed always. She is the current custodian of “Zulfiqar”, the legendary sword of Ali that is characterized with its double blades.

Kristof Al-Rumi (Al-Rumi)

Hamzanama Chronicalar

Young, blond, Christian Court scribe (of Roman heritage) assigned by Akbar to chronicle the adventures of Hamza into what becomes the “Hamzanama”. His descendants can make spot appearances in subsequent eras, stories as journalists, academics, writers, chroniclers. They take on similar sounding names (Chris Roman, Christopher, Kristen the Roman, Kristina, Al-Rumi, etc).


The "Makkan Stone"


The Makkan Stone.tiff

A glowing sliver from the ancient Black Rock located in the holy city of Makkah, secretly guarded by the mystical “Sufi Order of the Stone” for centuries. It was originally entrusted to the Sufi order by the 3rd Caliph, Othman. The Makkan Stone was presented to Amir Hamza by the grand vizier Buzurjmeher on their first encounter. Amir Hamza is the only person pure enough to unlock and use its power. The Makkan Stone can transport Amir Hamza across time and space and allow him to appear in any form he wishes. It can be worn as an amulet (around his neck), be embedded in a ring or staff, or simply be carried in his pocket. If Amir Hamza is separated from The Makkan Stone, he is trapped in the time/place/form he’s in. If Amir Hamza is to use any of its powers (even if the Stone is not visibly depicted), it is assumed that the stone is somewhere on his person (in a pocket, under the shirt, etc.).

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